Dino LFG is a token designed to be a slow rug by its founder Arbel Arif from Israel and his partner Twitter influencer WhaleChart

Holders are actively being encouraged to stake their tokens for a minimum term of 3 months, during which time they have no access to sell their tokens.

The team own most of the top 50 wallets, and holders are being manipulated to stake their tokens to hold the price floor, while the team constantly dump on them.



After an investigation and help from the community, we have infact found out that the dev behind the Dino LFG Project is fact "Arbel Arif" also known as "Dinoshi".

He is from Israel, and currently works from his holiday home in Cyprus.

He is the current owner of Shopping.io , hence why the Dino LFG partnership was created so quickly after Dino's launch in November 2022.

His other business also includes a domain name company called https://marketing.club/ which owns the domain "Dextools.com" and this is how they was able to allocate the domain to Dino LFG token.

Shopping.io Partnership With Dino LFG

In November 2022, Dino LFG Team announced a partnership with Shopping.io , which is a relaunched project which was previously deployed as $SPI and $GSPI , and rugged its previous holders.

SPI - Shopping.io 1st Launch - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/shopping/

GSPI - Shopping.io 2nd Launch - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/gspi-governance/

SHOP - Shopping.io 3rd Launch - https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/gspi-governance/

Extreme caution should be exercised, as investing in these types of tokens only enables them further to continue this type of practice.

Shopping.io Delisted From Major Exchanges

After slowly rugging his previous projects, Arbel Arif's $SPI and $GSPI tokens were delisted from major exchanges. He later relaunched as $SHOP token, however the exchanges refused to relist it, and it is currently only available on Uniswap.


Screenshot Taken 1st February 2023

Arbel promised new holders they would be airdropped $SHOP tokens for his third launch, however many never received the promised tokens, and shortly after he shifted his focus to launch DINO LFG in November 2022

Shopping.io Has No Official Partnership With Amazon


There is no mention of DINO LFG or Shopping.io
as an official payment method on the Amazon.com website.
Shopping.io has no affiliation with Amazon, we have also reached out to the company directly, and they confirmed this.

Orders placed with them are manually processed by the team themselves without automation, and many customers have complained about not receiving their purchases.


Staking is Being Used To Give Holders a False Sense of Security.


This is the same method the collapsed exchanges have been doing in the past year to make stakers feel like they are being rewarded. Team wallets have already begun dumping since the tokens exchange listing on Bitmart.

Team Wallets Control 25% Of Supply

This wallet belongs to the team, and only became active the day Dino was launched. It has no previous transactions, and received funding from the same Binance 14 hot wallet as the Dino Contract Deployer.
All transactions are Dino related, and at the time of the snapshot below, there were 52 transactions in total.

This wallet occupied more than 25% of the total supply, and then distributed the tokens to feeder wallets in the etherscan screenshot below.


Update: 30th May 2023


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